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These simple devices operate at 940nm and work well for generic IR systems including remote control and touch-less object sensing. Using a simple ADC on any microcontroller will allow variable readings to be collected from the detector. The emitter is driven up to 50mA with a current limiting resistor as with any LED device. The detect is a NPN transistor that is biased by incoming IR light. An infrared sensor is an electronic device that emits and/or detects infrared radiation in order to sense some aspect of its surroundings. Infrared sensors can measure the heat of an object, as well as detect motion. Many of these types of sensors only measure infrared radiation, rather than emitting it.


·         Operating voltage: 4.5 V to 5.5 V

·         Average current consumption: 30 mA (typical)

·         Output voltage differential over distance range: 1.9 V (typical)

·         Response time: 38 ± 10 ms

·         Weight: 3.5 g (0.12 oz)

·         Range detection (10-80cm).

·         No external circuitry required.

·         Infrared Proximity Sensor.

·         Analog output inversely proportional to distance.


  •  Logic output -1/0 -5v
  •  Adjustable Range with POT.
  • inexpensive.
  • low power.
  • Fit in small spaces and have a unique.


  • Can be used for measuring distance.
  • Can be used to finding the rightness or color.
  • Touch-less switch (Sanitary equipment, Control of illumination, etc. )

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